Alto Black12 Flight case

Alto Black12 Flight case

Brand:Alto Pro Audio
Product Code:AltoSingle-002
Availability:Custom made in 2-14 days


Type: Lift off lid - Holds 1pcs Alto Black12 speakers
Material: 6.5mm / 9mm  hexagrip birch plywood
Dimensions: Custom made to suit your speakers
Foam: Fully foam lined with 10-50mm high dense LD29 plastazote
Handles: 4-8pcs recessed heavy duty handles
Butterfly catches 2-4pcs
Ball Corners: 8pcs heavy duty ball corners
Aluminium case angle 30 X 30
Aluminium hybrid for 6.5mm / 9mm material
Tente Swivel Castor 100 mm blue wheel with/without brake, bolted to the base with birch plywood (15mm) dolly reinforcement
4 x Castor dish for mounting on case lid to allow a case with castors up to 100 mm to be stacked on top.
We only use Heavy duty AdamHall fittings

***Optional logo engraving 

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Product weight(1pcs): 23.1Kg